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The convenience of ready-to-drink beverages makes them the highest growing category in the global market today. They work exceptionally well for consumers in need of a pre or post workout fuel.

This recipe is inspiration for a chocolate beverage fortified with HydroBEEF™ to deliver no less than 50 g of protein with each serving. It is a low calorie, low sugar RTD option that delivers essential nutrition to athletes and health-conscious consumers.

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Milk 1.5 % fat 92.00 %
HydroBEEF™ 6.92 %
Cocoa alkalized 0.40 %
Cocoa flavor natural 0.32 %
Masking agent natural 0.12 %
Trisodium citrate 0.12 %
Dairy enhancer flavor natural 0.04 %
Xanthan gum FFC 0.04 %
Cellulose gum (CMC Gum) 0.016 %
Salt 0.016 %
Sucralose 0.005 %
Acesulfame K 0.004 %
Total recipe 100.00%

Ingredients used

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Clean label

Want to try yourself?

Following ingredients will be added to the basket
  • HydroBEEF™

Nutrition facts

Nutrients per serving size (500ml)

Energy 372.90 kcal
Protein 50.06 g
Fat 8.02 g
Carbs 24.37 g
Salt 1.29 g

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