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Nutritional Calculator

Get an easy overview of how much of our protein ingredient you need to apply to leverage the protein level in your application
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Meeting 800X600

With the appeal of protein expanding way beyond the traditional categories and more into mainstream foods where health and nutrition have become much more important, we offer you our Nutritional Calculator. It is developed to help you re-position your food brand as more healthy and thereby to its maximum potential.

By providing just the Protein, the Fat and the Carbohydrate values from your “back of pack” we can quickly establish the % level of energy derived from protein that your product contains. Using these basic nutritional data, the calculator determines what is required to upgrade your food or beverage product to a higher protein classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 that regulates the labelling of food as Source of protein, High in protein or simply as Enriched.

Using the Essentia Nutritional Calculator you can quickly and easily elevate your products to the next level of nutrition, in a few simple steps.

Enter product details

Product name
Protein (g/100g)
Fat (g/100g)
Carbohydrates (g/100g)
Total energy (kcal)
Total amount of calories in the product.
Energy from protein (%)
The percentages of energy derived from protein in the product.

Original classification

Classification of the original product
Minimum 12 % of the energy is derived from protein.
Minimum required level
Level in existing product

Select desired classification

By selecting one of the classification options available, our calculator will determine the correct value required to achieve the appropriate nutritional claim.

Nutritional enhancement

By selecting the most suitable Essentia ingredient from the options available, both the quantity required and the new % level of energy derived from protein is displayed.

Qty to be added to 100 g
prepared product
Qty to be added to 100 g
prepared product
New level of energy derived from protein:

Get a demo of how easy the nutritional calculator is to use