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Vitafoods Europe

Visit the Essentia exhibit to learn more about our premium European manufactured collagen peptides and organic bone broth powders.

Our ingredient experts on site will be able to provide you with knowledge, and inspiration for how you can integrate our ingredients with trending nutrition and nutraceutical products.

We hope to meet you for productive discussions about the possibilities of positioning your products as clean, organic, and high in protein/collagen.

We will showcase the full range under our valued nutrition brands: OmniCol™, OmniBroth™, and HydroBEEF™.

Where to find us

Venue: Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland

Booth no.: F162

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About Vitafoods Europe

Vitafoods Europe has been bringing the global nutraceutical community together every year to connect and do business, since 1997. It offers the perfect platform for businesses to thrive and forge long term collaborations, enrich their understanding and initiate critical conversations around the most pressing issues concerning the health and nutrition industry.

Find out more about Vitafoods Europe here.

Irene Plats has an important message for you.

Hey there, Vitafoods attendees!

"Traditionally, protein-infused products tend to be overly sweetened – a quality many athletes and fitness enthusiasts find counterproductive. We aim to spotlight how protein, collagen, and bone broth ingredients can enrich everyday foods. 
Stop by our stand and explore innovative takes on nutritious, sugar-free snacking, boasting impressive inclusion rates of protein and collagen – and we're also introducing something new: treats with natural heme iron." 

Irene Plats - Global Marketing & Sustainability Director
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Our featured application:

Breadsticks with added protein

Grissini, or as they're commonly known worldwide, breadsticks, are a moreish snack or pre-meal appetizer that only grows in appeal with recipe modifications.

One effective approach to alleviating the guilt associated with indulging in these carb-loaded treats is by incorporating protein, meeting consumer demands for healthier snack options. HydroBEEF™ significantly enhances the amino acid profile, providing 14 g of protein per 100 g. This ensures that whether enjoyed as a standalone snack or as part of a meal, protein-rich breadsticks meet the mark for balanced nutrition.


Explore application

Taste and talk

More applications on display

Swing by to taste one or more of our featured applications, ranging from a nutritious bone broth to delicious indulgent treats for your delight all enhanced with our premium ingredients. You are most welcome.

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Collagen beauty drink

This recipe offers inspiration for OmniCol™ in a delightful powder mix, perfect with both milk or water. Experience the refreshing taste of our collagen-infused Strawberry Hibiscus beverage, available in flavored water or as a milk-based drink. Stay thrilled and hydrated!

Elevate your own beverage for the unique combination of taste and wellness experiences.

Get inspired

Beef bone broth

This recipe provides inspiration for using OmniBroth™ BBB Organic which is high in protein, to create a natural, hearty and tasty ready to drink bone broth beverage, that has a great mouthfeel and is packed with goodness. 

Dig deeper 

Collagen tropical drink

This recipe provides inspiration for the manufacture of enriched drinks with approximately 10 g of collagen per 100 g. The result is a beverage or meal replacement option that provides the consumer with benefits for both the inside and outside of the body

Fruity, refreshing and highly nutritious are only a few ways to describe this tropical flavored collagen drink. 

Dig deeper 

Pre-book a meeting with one of our experts

Well informed experts will be on site to provide information about how we can help you elevate your products, and in turn your brand. It will be our sincere pleasure to have productive discussions about the possibilities of positioning your products as cost effective, clean, organic, and high in nutrition, following the latest consumer trends.

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Irene Plats

Global Marketing & Sustainability Director

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