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Good in every meal

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner our protein solutions do good in every meal. Not only do they add functionality and flavor, they also help reduce cost. What’s more, you can use our allergen-free proteins to boost the nutritional value of your brand. Our meat-based proteins can enrich all kinds of food and beverage products produced by you, and served and enjoyed anytime, anywhere in the world.

Our brand promise ‘Good in every meal’ is a compelling, authentic statement that describes how we help our customers build an even better business for their food or beverage brands.

As a statement, it defines what we can do for our customers and what our ingredients can do for their brands.

Adding something good in every meal means that our solutions support the following attributes – to the enjoyment of consumers and the benefit of our customers:

  • Improved eating experience (texture, mouthfeel, etc.)
  • Improved product appearance (color, sliceability, shape, purge reduction, etc.)
  • Improved nutritional value (high in protein, collagen-rich, replacing additives, etc.)
  • Improved flavor (natural umami, body, clear flavor direction, etc.)
  • Improved cost-in-use (yield improvement, meat and cheese analogues, extended shelf-life, etc.)

In every meal means that our ingredients fit into every meal served during the day (breakfast, lunch, snacking, and dinner) and every meal served across the world (in home kitchens, in restaurants, in foodservice facilities, on the go, in street kitchens, etc.).

Something good refers to the fact that we do not supply the entire meal, but just an ingredient that in fact provides a range of benefits that serve to create a better, healthier, more superior product.

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