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Nutritional beverages

Fuel well-being with our protein solutions! In a health-conscious global market, more consumers seek nutritious daily diets. OmniCol™, a pure protein rich in collagen peptides, enhances heath and wellbeing. Packed with essential amino acids,it supports bone, skin, and muscle maintenance. This highly soluble powder, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen-rich raw materials, effortlessly disperses in water. Choose OmniCol™ for the perfect, healthy boost in collagen-enriched beverages.

With numerous benefits for muscle strength, joint health and improved satiety, our protein solutions are an obvious choice for protein enrichment of many nutritious beverages.
In today’s global marketplace, a growing number of consumers are looking to add more protein into their daily diets. Protein is recognized as an essential macronutrient for people of all ages who are looking for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.