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Creamy collagen dessert

Creamy collagen desserts deliver on several aspects as they are a delicious balance of richness and sweetness.

Not only are creamy desserts an excellent choice as a guilt-free indulgence for the great taste and texture, they are also fortified with OmniCol™ (collagen peptides) that delivers protein and several benefits for health and wellbeing. EmulPro™ P 200 adds to the viscosity and provides a firm and creamy consistency

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Cream 38 %, double cream 69.40 %
Full-cream milk 17.3 %
Sugar 7.0 %
OmniCol™ 4.8 %
EmulPro™ P 200 1.2 %
Instant coffee 0.3 %
Total recipe 100.00 %

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Bio-available collagen
  • Viscosity

Want to try yourself?

Following ingredients will be added to the basket
  • EmulPro™ P 200
  • OmniCol™ 110
  • OmniCol™ 120

Nutrition facts

Nutrients per 100 g

Energy 312 kcal
Protein 8.0 g
Fat 27.1 g
Carbs 9.8 g
Salt 0.1 g
Dessert 800X600