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Dried and fermented

Transfrom your dried meats with excellent functionality. Our protein solutions have exceptional capabilities that deliver excellent benefits for the production process. Whether products are injected or emulsified, the proteins ensure cost-effectiveness, great texture, and consistent quality. Perfect for pepperoni, salamis, dried meat sticks, and shelf-stable sausages.

In dried meats (pepperoni, many types of salamis, dried meat sticks, as well as shelf-stable sausages) moisture loss is the objective. That means that we use functional proteins with a high water holding capacity to “remove” water and thus lower moisture content and water activity. Fermenting the product provides for efficient loss of moisture as the proteins contract and expel water. Whether injected or emulsified the proteins help provide a better cost-in-use and a dry and chewy texture. The functional proteins play an important role in securing a consistent quality.