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Powder mixes

If you are looking to meet today’s high consumer standards for premium nutritional foods and beverages, you should explore the HydroBEEF™ and HydroCHX™ range of protein ingredients.

These potent powders are not just for athletes because these days, consumers of all ages and fitness levels are relying on protein hydrolysates and the numerous health benefits they carry. This means that manufacturers have an endless list of applications they can adapt to healthy status – as they will appeal to a wider cross-section of shoppers.

Be a part of the growing segment of the industry. Our applications division will work with you to explore the optimal custom solutions that suit your needs, to help find the desired nutritional profile for your products. Just reach out!

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Indulge in the benefits of your powder mixes

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Powder mixes
  • Recipe upgrade

    Recipe upgrade

    • Easy to disperse
    • Neutral in taste
    • Easy to mask
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • No known allergens
    • 100 % natural origin
    • No E-numbers
  • Nutrition access

    Nutrition access

    • Added protein
    • Contains bioavailable collagen
    • Supports healthy ageing