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Protein bars

Wellness trends and changing consumer lifestyles are stimulating the snack bar market with organic and high protein products.

The primary consumers are not only athletes, but also those who want to have a wholesome meal without the trouble of cooking. This is why snack bars are often referred to as meal replacers. Consumers prefer buying protein bars for various purposes, such as weight management, muscle maintenance, and increasing energy.

These nutritious products can provide the ideal protein balance required for a healthy lifestyle. Supplementing meals with bars is a way to increase the daily protein intake, without adding unnecessary calories or carbohydrates.

Protein bars are great for multiple usage occasions such as a treat to satisfy a craving, an anytime snack or a pre or post workout snack. The applications listed here contain high levels of protein, low sugar and fat contents and are free from lactose, GMOs and artificial ingredients.

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Collagen Chocolate Bar

Collagen Chocolate Bar

With 28.3 g added protein, this chocolate bar provides a snack that is both tasty and nutritious.

Collagen Peanut Butter Bar

Collagen Peanut Butter Bar

The version presented here contains 15 grams of collagen per 100 grams and as much as 26 grams of protein all together stemming from the collagen and the peanut butter

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