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Career opportunities

Joining Essentia is about being part of a culture of teamwork, respect, agility, creativity and knowledge. It is a place where everybody’s voice is heard and with a strong sense of belonging. We believe in creating the best solutions for our customers when we combine our strengths across functions, boundaries, and beliefs.

Job openings

Go to the recruitment portals to find open job opportunities and put your skills and career goals at work to help us build an even better business for our customers.


Link to portal  Unsolicited/Internship
North America Recruitment portal (NA) Recruitment portal (NA) Create a personal profile
Denmark Recruitment portal (DK) Submit your unsolicited application


Recruitment portal (SE) Submit your unsolicited application

None of the above

No vacancies Contact HR and receive information about how to submit your application

Did you not find an opportunity that matches your interest? Please revisit this page regularly.

Working at Essentia

If you are considering a career with us, you can be assured we will help you connect with the right people and provide you with the right tools to propel the opportunities to advance your career. We will set a clear direction for your work goals to meet our customers’ needs, with the speed required in today’s market.

At Essentia, knowledge is crucial to our business and to our vision of being driven to fulfill customer needs. Knowledge comes from people and from listening. We are constantly translating our knowledge into opportunities and progress for our customers and for ourselves. We use our knowledge and skills to fuel our customers’ success and help us grow.

We take pride in challenging our employees to unlock individual potential. We want to create a balanced and meaningful work life for everyone. In short, we want Essentia to be a great place to work and a great place to grow.

At Essentia, we are constantly seeking skilled employees who want to support our business goals and share our vision, mission and values. Our employees are driven by applying their skills, developing their abilities and being part of a passionate team of employees who are always ready to help and support each other. If you have the same driving force and passion, you will probably fit in with us.

We have offices and people all over the world, but our culture is universal: team-oriented, respectful, agile, creative, and knowledgeable. Working at Essentia may seem busy and demanding, and there are no two days alike.

We take good care of our employees and are serious about our social responsibility towards both community and people. At Essentia we respect there is a family side to most people, and we encourage our employees to respect a good work-life balance.

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