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Opportunities for internships or bachelor/master projects


If you are looking for an internship with a company that is developing fast, consider joining us. Essentia Protein Solutions has a strong internship program and is happy to establish an internship that builds your skills and gives you relevant insights into working in a global company with strong values.

We will strive to make your stay with us as prosperous as possible and we will offer you the chance to gain experience within all aspects of the business, so you have a good sense of what it means to work in the ingredients industry. This will give you a better picture of where you could fit in when it is time for you to take on full-time employment – not necessarily with us, but with any professional company.

“They offer new and interesting perspectives”

Rita Cold, Applications Manager 

At Essentia, we often take on interns for specific projects, whether it is for the development of new applications, investigation of global consumer trends, provision, analysis and reporting of data or other basic work in connection with the development of new processes and/or new ingredient solutions.

It is mandatory that our interns are responsible for their own projects and it always pleases us to see that our interns eagerly take on this responsibility. We do what we can to support with guidance and coaching.

Interns at Essentia actively contribute to the business. They come with an open mind and offer new and interesting perspectives to their assignments. We greatly appreciate that, as we believe that the best solutions are found when solved together.

Case study:

"The best part of my education experience"

Jack Bøttger, Applications Intern,
(Winter 2021 to summer 2021)

As a student of Process Technology - Specializing in Food manufacture, I was very eager for the opportunity to intern at Essentia.

My tasks have included numerous practical assignments related to improving finished products, using functional proteins. It has enabled my work with analog cheese (a non-dairy alternative) which is also the basis of my thesis.

Essentia has more than exceeded my expectations because I have enjoyed the friendly yet professional work atmosphere.  I have been encouraged to get hands-on experience, as opposed to watching more experienced staff handle everything. It has been good to know that my opinion has also been taken into consideration.

My time at Essentia has been the best part of my education experience. It has been a rewarding step in my journey, to contribute to the vision and mission, and modifying applications to help customers improve their products.

Case study:

"A great experience to kickstart a career in Denmark"

Padmavathi “Padma” SridharanSensory Evaluation Intern,
(winter 2019 to spring 2020)

After my studies, I needed work experience and Essentia gave me that opportunity.

My task was to establish a sensory panel for Essentia. This involved selection of panelists, selection of appropriate sensory evaluation methods, organizing and conducting sensory tests that lead to forming an internal sensory panel.

My interest has always been in the food industry and I was glad to join the product development team’s efforts in innovation which is based on customer needs. The best experience has been the flexibility and being given the freedom to start my own project where I could express my ideas and receive immediate feedback.

About the Essentia work atmosphere:

  • It has been very helpful and encouraging, I could always approach anyone for assistance
  • It’s a place to learn how to wield a work ethic, where the staff are motivating, eager to hear new ideas and encourage a healthy exchange
  • The cultural diversity, with people from various nationalities made integration into the workplace easier.

It has been an immense pleasure being part of the Essentia team of professionals, and a most satisfactory learning experience.

Case study:

“A good educational experience”

Maja Rømer Sørensen, Laboratory Intern
(autumn 2018 to spring 2019)

My internship at Essentia has been a good educational experience. I have gained an insight into an innovative company that extracts and works with animal proteins for use in a wide variety of food products and beverages. The employees have been incredibly welcoming and eager to share knowledge about their projects and I have learned about all the different job functions. I can strongly recommend applying for an internship at Essentia. Besides improving my academics and picking up a few expressions of the dialect in Southern Jutland, I feel blessed to have been working in an environment surrounded by the most beautiful nature and with a view to the fjord all day.

Bachelor’s or master’s project support (thesis)

Working with our wide-ranging employees around the world, you have a unique opportunity to expand your network and build relationships. You also get the opportunity to tap into our experience, knowledge and data to ensure you attain your academic goals.

If your project speaks to our values, vision and business, please write a letter of application with a project description. You may have chosen your topic already, but if you are looking for inspiration, we may have a proposal for you in the form of a current project. Whatever the outcome, we are happy to support you throughout the process.

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