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Chipolata a spicy take on the typical pork sausage that has it's own place in the food world, in several recipes or as part of numerous traditions that call for it to feature.

This recipe provides inspiration for how to improve texture, structure and appearance of chipolata, even while replacing part of the meat content. 
AProPork™ adds to the heat stability in order for the sausage to maintain it's shape and juiciness even after frying. 
AProRed™ delivers the enticing natural hue of healthy meat. 

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Pork lean meat 76.00 %
Pork neck 10.00 %
Water 9.93 %
Salt 2.20 %
ScanPro™ 1015/F 0.60 %
Dextrose 0.50 %
AProPork™ 0.40 %
White pepper 0.20 %
AProRed™ 0.07 %
Sodium ascorbate 0.05 %
Potassium nitrate (E252) 0.03 %
Sodium nitrite (E250) 0.02 %
Total recipe 100.00%

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Reduced purge
  • Cost-in-use solution
  • Natural color
  • Texture

Want to try yourself?

Following ingredients will be added to the basket
  • AProRed™
  • AProPork™
  • ScanPro™ 1015/F

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