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Injected pork loin

It is common knowledge that the enjoyment of a delicious pork loin is rated using simple but exacting qualities. The meat has to be tender and juicy for the roast to be be called a success.

This recipe shows how to produce an 80 % extended pork loin using a brine made with ScanPro™HI Premium pork proteins. It is sure to help in the delivery of more than acceptable delicious results by reducing purge and plumping up the texture for the most tender meat. 

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Pork (loin) 55.56 %
Water/ice 39.45 %
Nitrite salt 2.00 %
Dextrose 1.20 %
ScanPro™ HI Premium 0.80 %
Corn starch, native 0.60 %
Phosphate 0.30 %
Sodium ascorbate 0.05 %
Xanthan gum 0.04 %
Total recipe 100.00 %

Ingredients used

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Texture and consistency
  • Juiciness
  • Sliceability
  • Yield
  • Cost-in-use

Want to try yourself?

Following ingredients will be added to the basket
  • ScanPro™ HI Premium

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