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ExcelPro™ Plus Fat Marbling

A compound specially developed for fat marbling of lean meat. It works in combination with Essentia ProBase™ specialty fats. It is a fine powder that is available for beef or pork injection.

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Fat Marbling
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Ingredient variants

Variant name
Particle size
ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling
ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling
Form Powder
Color Pale cream
Particle size Fine
Origin Beef and hydrocolloids
ExcelPro™ Plus P Fat Marbling
ExcelPro™ Plus P Fat Marbling
Form Powder
Color Creamy white
Particle size Fine
Origin Pork and hydrocolloids



  • Cold-gelling properties make the fat bind to the meat muscles immediately after injection
  • Natural taste and appearance
  • Behaves exactly like natural intramuscular fat when stored and cooked
  • Improves tenderness of the meat

Matching consumer trends

  • Natural origin
  • Non-GMO

Other benefits

  • Color similar to intramuscular fat
  • Exceptional emulsifying capacity


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