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Understanding the value of sliceability

Most meat processors must slice their products for display and distribution. There is a direct link between profitability and sliceability with advantages for more and better-looking slices having the most customer appeal.
Trends Sliceability Listing Images 800X600
Trends Sliceability Listing Images 800X600

Getting the most out of resources

Cutting, carving, slicing, sectioning, segmenting – all words that describe the method by which meat processors obtain portions of meat for distribution to the consumer.

The process is easily taken for granted when one thinks of the simple motion of putting a blade to meat as it is the most straightforward mechanical practice.

Recognizing slicing loss

Consider the processing meat must endure before it is ready for distribution. The several ways in which is preserved, chopped/diced, heat treated, frozen/thawed, smoked, cured, fermented, or dried, - meat loses the natural bonds that enable it to keep its own cohesion. This leads to reduced sliceability, and a great deal of slicing loss, leading to fewer presentable slices, and reduced yield.

Slicing yield directly influences profitability

The general economic climate has called for all businesses to do their best to stretch resources, all while remaining competitive. Getting more product out of fewer resources implies a drop in quality which many meat processors and manufacturers of meat products avoid, when possible, as it leads to a decline in consumer satisfaction.

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How to optimize sliceability

Adding functional proteins to the meat recipe provides remarkable cohesiveness that allows for thin slices for the best appearance in various types of meat cuts. 

The strong gelling capabilities promote firmness and elasticity for a nice consistent texture that adds to among other qualities, the eating experience – which consumers are bound to appreciate. It’s all about achieving a higher quantity of usable slices, which is made possible by less crumbling, hence reducing food waste.

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Directly from the expert

For greater insights and practical knowledge on improving sliceability and general yield, and to find out how functional protein solutions can work towards your bottom line, watch protein expert Carsten Doktor as he provides some detail with regards to overcoming meat processing challenges.

Protein solutions can work for you

Essentia’s wide range of functional protein solutions can do a lot to improve the quality and appearance of many different beef, chicken, and pork-based products. Improving the general texture, boosts sliceability leading to producing more usable pieces. Therefore, more product is made available for sale, consequently improving the bottom line.

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