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5 ways of crafting the ultimate protein sandwich

Sandwiches are arguably the most popular choice for consumers on-the-go and are preferred for their versatility and variety. Discover ways of crafting the ultimate sandwich by enhancing every element to bring together a superior specimen that will win in taste and nutrition.
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From convenience to art

AS the story goes, in 1762 the rich card playing 4th Earl of Sandwich refused to leave the table fearing breaking a lucky streak and asked for a server to place roast beef between two pieces of bread for him to eat with his hands – and thus changed dining forever.

A great sandwich is more than just a combination of ingredients; it's a symphony of flavors and textures that come together harmoniously. To create the ultimate sandwich, you need to pay attention to each component.

A sandwich is a versatile and beloved meal, enjoyed by people all around the world. It's the perfect canvas for culinary creativity, and one step of assembling the perfect sandwich lies in the ingredients you choose. Let’s explore five ways to make the best high in protein specimen by focusing on each main element.

A breakdown of the main components

1. Nutrient-loaded bread

This is the foundation of any good sandwich. Your choice of bread can make or break the entire sandwich experience.

Add nutrient dense environmentally friendly OmniBug™ cricket protein powder to your bread recipe, for a result that’s light, fluffy, and has an elevated nutritional profile and dietary fiber content.

2. Value-priced ham with exceptional texture

Ham is a classic sandwich ingredient with its meaty, slightly salty flavor. Here's how to make sure your ham takes your sandwich to the next level.

Using ScanPro™ high functional proteins in reformed ham ensures the organoleptic properties that deliver an enhanced eating experience in addition to other value adding and economical qualities. By also adding AProRed™ you get a more homogeneous color in your meat products, improving visual appeal.

An alternative protein for those who prefer white meat is delicious succulent sliced chicken.

ScanPro™ FCP 90 is a premium protein ingredient used for increasing yield and providing a nice firm texture. It is either used for injection of poultry cuts, or it can be mixed directly into processed poultry meat.

3. The savory classic crispy bacon

Bacon is a crowd-pleaser that brings a delightful crunch and a smoky, salty flavor. Slicing bacon thinly guarantees a crispy texture when cooked, but achieving the desired thinness can pose a challenge.

ScanPro™ HI Premium can help overcome this challenge by providing a firm and cohesive structure, and consequently, improving the sliceability. There is also the added benefit of meat extension, thus increased yield.

Further adding AProRed™ ensures a color boost that is sure to help enhance attractiveness for better presentation. As a meat processor, this means you can improve product appearance and achieve a meat-authentic look without adding food colorants.

4. Pocket-friendly cheese

Cheese contributes a wide range of functional and physical attributes as a food component, yet its primary role in a sandwich is to enhance flavor. On a sandwich, cheese can also be added to enhance viscosity, provide a satisfying mouthfeel, or serve as a binding agent for other incorporated elements.

The cheese analog contains EmulPro™ B 200 that helps deliver excellent texture among other functionalities, it is also a cost-effective solution for producers of ready-to-eat meal options.

5. Smoky BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce adds a burst of sweet and smoky flavor to your sandwich, transforming it into a mouthwatering delight.

To make the best BBQ sauce for your sandwich, using Probase™ stocks as a flavor base is sure way to provide some excellent organoleptic properties. ProFlavor™ P BF delivers the delicious flavor of ham laced with smoky notes as well as the added functionality of improving the viscosity, and thus the mouthfeel.

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*Experiment with these ideas, and soon you'll be creating the best components for sandwiches as well as many other ready-to-eat meal options. Enjoy your journey in creation!

Clean label assurance

All these featured ingredients are of natural origin made from 100 % animal raw materials and carry clean label assurance and can be added to your recipe as such. They are also high in protein, non-GMO and contain no known allergens and no artificial additives of any kind. This makes them ideal for addition to your production in terms of keeping in line with consumer preferences for ingredients that are authentic and easy to understand.

What are the numbers?

All regions are high value markets for sandwiches. If you are a producer of ready-to-eat meal options like sandwiches and similar (like wraps, bagels, etc.), the data shows that the market is in your favor as the numbers have shown a rise in new product launches. NPD includes protein and fiber dense options, but high/source of protein is the top positioning in Apr 22-Sep 22 with 13.5%, up from 11.4% in Oct 21-Mar 22, excelling in four regions.

Since sandwiches are as convenient as they are easy to customize, they are a go-to for consumers who are more traditional as well as the adventurous palette. However, meat-based toppings are still a very popular option in new product launches.

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You can count on us!

Essentia manufactures a unique selection of ingredients made from meat, skin, bone, blood, and insect raw materials that are used to bring the best of nature directly into your formulation. To find out more about our various solutions, or to make inquiries about co-creating with our experts, kindly reach out to a representative near you.