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Sliced bacon

Bacon is certainly as delicious as it is indulgent, which is perfect as the combination of umami, salty, fatty and satisfying is almost impossible to resist.

This recipe provides inspiration for the production of delicious bacon after 20 % injection of ScanProTM HI 95 in brine for improved functionality. 
This produces uniform slices through enhanced sliceability, thus very pleasing to the eye. 

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Pork belly 83.33%
Water/ice 13.92 %
(0.6 % nitrite) 2.00 %
Sodium tripolyphosphate 0.50 %
ScanPro™ HI 95 0.20 %
Sodium ascorbate 0.05 %
Total recipe 100.00%

Ingredients used

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Texture and consistency
  • Yield
  • Sliceability
  • Juiciness

Want to try yourself?

Following ingredients will be added to the basket
  • ScanPro™ HI 95

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