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Jambon supérieur (cooked ham)

An outstanding clean label ingredient designed to enhance the qualities of whole hams.

Ham is an excellent protein source, known for its versatility and delicious taste. 

Injected whole hams are popular in both traditional and contemporary cuisines worldwide, offering a satisfying and economical option. 

This recipe showcases the use of ScanPro™ HI Premium, which is completely soluble in water and retains the authentic flavor profile of fresh pork. It can be directly injected into your ham as a clean label ingredient. ScanPro™ HI Premium, a natural-derived high functional protein, is particularly suitable for injected products due to its exceptional water-binding capacity. Given the critical role of texture in hams, the incorporation of this protein enhances cohesion and facilitates ease of slicing, thanks to the unique gelling properties of collagen.

Recipe suggestion

Ingredients Amount
Ham 86.96 %
Water/ice 10.68 %
Nitrite salt 1.80 %
Sugar 0.27 %
Maltodextrine 0.14 %
ScanPro™ HI Premium 0.10 %
Sodium ascorbate 0.05 %

Ingredients used

Essentia ingredients are added to provide:

  • Increased yield
  • Improved sliceability
  • Better cost-in-use

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  • ScanPro™ HI Premium

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