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Proteins are commonly used in bacon for their excellent functionality and binding properties, as it allows you to improve cohesiveness and reduce purge in the packaging.

Functional proteins are known for their excellent abilities in binding water and thereby enhancing structure. The sliceability is highly improved, and the slices will be more uniform and homogeneous, and thereby, waste and purge can be reduced, as well.

Furthermore, improved color stability can be achieved by using the blood ingredient, AproRed™. Its fast color-enhancement properties shorten smoking time, decrease production costs and enhance appearance.

We recommend the use of ScanPro™ HI-series, AProRed™ or AProPork™  for your premium food products.

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Experience the benefits for your bacon

Reformed Bacon 800X600
  • Process/recipe upgrade

    Process/recipe upgrade

    • Increased yield
    • Improved sliceability
    • Improved cost-in-use
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • 100 % natural origin
    • Non-GMO
    • No E–numbers
  • Added features

    Added features

    • Improved appearance and enhanced eating experience
    • Improved texture and consistency