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Food Ingredients China, March 20-22

We are honored to take part in FIC once again, presenting our premium ingredients that excel in functionality, taste, and nutrition. This year, we are pleased to bring our extensive product ranges. They work for manufacturers to optimize meat production and processing, enhance organoleptic properties in savory applications, and improve the nutritional profile of healthy foods and beverages. We look forward to meeting you and we are eager to share insights and inspiration on how our premium meat-based ingredients can contribute to promoting your brand.

Where to find us

Venue: National Exhibition Convention Center, Shanghai, China

Hall 3, stand 3V50/3W51 + 3U50/3V51

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About Food Ingredients China

Food Ingredients China has grown into the largest and the most authoritative global trade show on food additives and ingredients in Asia.

FIC has become the best platform for overseas food additives, ingredients and food processing machinery suppliers looking to enter the Chinese and Asian market.

This annually held trade event covers all fields of the food industry and is divided into five specific exhibiting areas aimed at professional visitors, covering all type of ingredients, machinery and equipment.

Find out more about Food Ingredients China here.

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Hey there, FIC attendees!

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"We're thrilled to be part of this event once again. Swing by our stand for an exclusive look at our latest offerings. Let's connect and elevate your experience at FIC together!"


Cristina Gallego
Marketing Event Manager

Taste and talk

Applications on display

Swing by to taste one or more of our featured applications, ranging from a nutritious bone broth to delicious indulgent treats for your delight all enhanced with our premium ingredients. You are most welcome.

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Collagen beauty drink

This recipe offers inspiration for OmniCol™ in a delightful powder mix, perfect with both milk or water. Experience the refreshing taste of our collagen-infused Strawberry Hibiscus beverage, available in flavored water or as a milk-based drink. Stay thrilled and hydrated!

Elevate your own beverage for the unique combination of taste and wellness experiences.

Get inspired

Elevated sandwich

The bun has a high nutritional profile with the addition of nutrient dense OmniBug™ cricket protein powder. ScanPro™ PG 95 in reformed ham ensures the organoleptic properties that deliver a great eating experience in addition to other value adding qualities. All topped with the cheese analog that contains EmulPro ™ B 100 that not only helps deliver excellent texture among other functionalities, but it is also a cost-effective solution for the cheese manufacturing industry.

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Delicious pot base

Get ready to raise your hot pot experience with our authentic ProBase™ Beef Stock and ProBase™ Beef Marrow Fat. These savory ingredients are made using traditional methods. They mixed with traditional Chinese seasonings to create the perfect foundation for a rich and hearty beef-flavored hot pot.

Now you can savor the rich goodness in every spoonful. Let the comforting warmth and robust flavors elevate your hot pot experience!

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