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Proteins are commonly used in bacon for their excellent functionality and binding properties, as it allows you to improve cohesiveness and reduce purge in the packaging.
Functional proteins are known for their excellent abilities in binding water and thereby enhancing structure. The sliceability is highly improved, and the slices will be more uniform and homogeneous, and thereby, waste and purge can be reduced, as well.

Furthermore, improved color stability can be achieved by using the blood ingredient, AproRed™. Its fast color-enhancement properties shorten smoking time, decrease production costs and enhance appearance.

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Sliced bacon with ScanPro™ HI 95

Sliced bacon

This recipe provides inspiration for the production of delicious bacon after 20 % injection of ScanProTM HI 95 in brine for improved functionality.
This produces uniform slices through enhanced sliceability, thus very pleasing to the eye.

Injected bacon using AProPork™ and AProRed™

Injected bacon

This recipe shows how using AProPork™ and AProRed™ can give you an edge over competitors.
Injecting your bacon cuts can increase your yield by at least 20 % while improving the sliceability and appearance for the sake of your consumers.

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