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5 ways to improve your nutritional beverage

With the rising trend in nutritional beverages which claim to have numerous functional benefits, it has become vital that health seeking consumers gain the most out of their purchase. Find out how enhancements with protein and collagen can be beneficial to your brand.
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From ordinary thirst quencher into healthy meal replacer

Nutritional beverages are combination drinks with functional and health promoting ingredients. They serve as meal replacers and ideally have a perfect balance of carbohydrates and absorbable nutrients which aid in promoting health.

With the rising trend in nutritional beverages which claim to have numerous functional benefits, it has become vital that health seeking consumers gain the most out of their purchase. Beverages are enhanced in quality by the addition of benefits such as those added by protein and collagen with the further advantage of being clean label or organic. While consumption of higher levels of protein has historically been associated with bodybuilders and younger men looking to build muscle, consumers of different genders, ages and lifestyles are now recognizing the importance of protein for a variety of perks.
Protein is an essential macronutrient for people of all activity levels and all ages including:

  • Energetic seniors wanting to help limit the physical impact of aging
  • Active individuals looking for improved agility and better recovery
  • Adults wanting to take control of their personal health and well-being

Interest in protein and collagen has grown, so has the desire for natural, real food ingredients that people understand and recognize.

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The number of protein beverage launches alone has more than doubled over the last five years in order to meet the consumer desire for nutritional drinks. This proves that it is a lucrative avenue which can support more launches in the industry in the future.

Discover ways in which you can improve your functional beverages

1. Elevate the protein level of your nutritional beverage

Many consumers look for convenient low carbohydrate ways to get more protein into their diet. Collagen water and assorted powder mixes are available in many fitness institutions, and are recommended as part of diet plans, or as promotional or newly launched products in health shops and supermarkets.

Adding OmniCol™ or HydroBEEF™ to your application is an easy way to incorporate condition-specific health benefits in your final product. One way of finding out how easily and quickly you can elevate your products to the next level of nutrition, in a few simple steps is by using the Essentia Nutritional Calculator.

2. Prevention vs treatment

As more people adopt healthier, more active lifestyles, the market looks set to focus on prevention, rather than treatment.

Increasing numbers of consumers are realizing that strengthening bone and joint health from an early age could help to reduce complications later in life.

Instead of taking relief products when wear and tear set in, consumers are increasingly looking for preventative health supplements, whether it is to support their active lifestyles or healthy ageing.

HydroBEEF™ is the perfect ingredient to consume before and after exercise, helping to maintain and restore the protein available to the muscle.

3. Meeting the consumer demand for clean label

On the topic of bone and joint health, suppliers are seeing a demand for clean label and natural solutions, as well as solutions that have preventative benefits.

The whole Essentia range of nutrition ingredients support the clean label claim and contains no fat or sugar and can be used in a host of different applications within nutritional beverages.

  • No known allergens
  • Free from lactose, soy, grain, and gluten
  • 100 % natural origin
  • Non-GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No E-numbers

4. Nutritional fortification with essential amino acids

Collagen is among the most important and basic building blocks within the human cells. The proteins are made up of amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, arginine, etc. These are all essential for supporting bone, skin, and muscle maintenance.

Collagen peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body and are a great source of protein where they support joint flexibility and muscular maintenance. They are also recognized for supporting skin hydration and for that reason used in many beauty-from-within beverages.

5. Easy to disperse ingredient with non-gelling attributes

OmniCol™ is pure protein (95 %) obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of raw materials full of collagen. The enzymatic hydrolysis results in a non-gelling product that dissolves fast and seamlessly in cold water.

Nutritional beverages perform several functions

  • Aiding weight loss – for a low carbohydrate alternative
  • Meal replacement – for on-the-go busy consumers
  • Sports nutrition – to help replenish muscles and tissue
  • Health supplementation – for the convenient consumption of nutrients

It is noticeable that, compared to food, nutritional beverages seem to absorb more easily thanks to their formation. Therefore, this category can fulfill the needs of people who have struggled with chewing or losing appetite.

Discover our entire range of nutrition ingredients. They are all highly functional and packed with essential macronutrients and are the best means of elevating your brand for your next clean label launch.