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Research and knowledge

Building better business for our customers is one of the cornerstones of our organization. It is through providing game changing solutions that we help set your products ahead of the competition. Through constantly learning about the food sector and ingredients that will provide the best results, we are able to offer quality and the best opportunities.

Understanding the value of sliceability

Most meat processors must slice their products for display and distribution. There is a direct link between profitability and sliceability with advantages for more and better-looking slices having the most customer appeal.

The importance of yield in meat processing

Yield in meat processing is an important factor that is directly proportional to profits. Functional proteins provide numerous value adding properties that benefit meat processors and consumers.

Recognizing the vital role texture plays in the eating experience

Texture is an important feature that has a direct influence on the perceived quality of the product, and the level of satisfaction gained from the eating experience.

Spotlight on meat replacement and extension

Meat replacement is important in the manufacture of meat products as it provides numerous value adding benefits to the finished product.

Reduced purge in meat benefits everyone

Purge reduction is beneficial because it preserves the quality of processed meats, which will be preferred by consumers.

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