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Nutritional trends

In today’s global marketplace, a growing number of consumers are looking to add more protein into their daily diets. While consumption of higher levels of protein has historically been associated with bodybuilders and younger men looking to build muscle, consumers of different gender, age and lifestyle are now recognizing the importance of protein for a variety of health benefits.
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Healthy aging: Holding on to vitality

07 May 2024
With age comes wisdom and experience. Let’s help consumers celebrate the journey with our healthy aging solutions. Explore the benefits of preventative nutrition, collagen for several aspects of health. Let consumers embrace healthier lifestyles, one delicious bite at a time.

The use of protein for better weight management

11 Jan 2024
Of the major macronutrients, proteins and their constituent amino acids have been shown to be highly satiating. The effects of high protein diets on weight maintenance show clear efficacy.

5 ways of crafting the ultimate protein sandwich

12 Dec 2023
Sandwiches are arguably the most popular choice for consumers on-the-go and are preferred for their versatility and variety. Discover ways of crafting the ultimate sandwich by enhancing every element to bring together a superior specimen that will win in taste and nutrition.

Collagen remains a massive success in mainstream nutrition

10 Oct 2023
Many consumers choose foods that carry a health claim, and a large percentage of them opt for a high collagen content due to the many benefits for all-round body health and beauty.

Bone broth - still on trend

Innova Market Insights has reported a steady rise in products marketed as containing “bone broth” with a CAGR of 21,8 % from 2018-2023.

Meeting the challenge: Towards healthier lifestyle

Watch as Nutrition Expert and Regional Director Tom Cooke talks about trends within functional foods and supplements.

Beauty from nutrition

23 Jan 2023
Many consumers have for a long-time associated diet with health and appearance, as well as the many ways in which collagen and other supplements promote health and well-being. Collagen peptides deliver several health benefits for health, beauty, and vitality.

Guilt-free indulgence

A deeper look at current market indicators which state that consumers not only prefer health promoting foods, they also want to have indulgent treats that carry a health claim.

Collagen gives expanded market opportunities

This shift from sports nutrition to mainstream nutrition is expanding collagen inclusion far beyond muscle building and performance enhancement.

5 ways for you to improve your functional beverages with the use of collagen

18 Aug 2021
With the rising trend in nutritional beverages which claim to have numerous functional benefits, it has become vital that health seeking consumers gain the most out of their purchase. Find out how enhancements with protein and collagen can be beneficial to your brand.

Adopt the clean label trend

Consumer preferences may be ever evolving, but the clean label trend is here to stay. Discover more about what drives consumer choices towards products based on transparency.