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Expert talks

In-depth perspectives from specialists in various sectors of the food industry provide targeted knowledge on numerous challenges, as well as ways of overcoming them. Experts offer practical solutions that have the ability of changing the outlook for the manufacturing, as well as selling processes.

Meeting the challenge: Towards healthier lifestyles

Watch as Nutrition Expert and Regional Director Tom Cooke talks about trends within functional foods and supplements.

Yield improvement

Take a closer look at the various ways in which using functional proteins in meat processing can lead to improved yield.

Meat texture

Find out more about the role texture plays in the manufacture and presentation of different meats.

Ever evolving labeling claims in the savory sector

Understand the challenges of the ever-evolving labelling claims in the savory sector in order to pass the scrutiny of mindful consumers.

Meat replacement

Understand the challenge on how to use meat replacement to optimize your products and keep the cost for meat applications down.

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