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How sausages can stay popular with modern consumers

Real meat and authentic clean label ingredients are necessary for the manufacture of quality sausages, that withstand the scrutiny of the discerning consumer.

Meat snack trend gains momentum

Meat snacks continue to see an increase in popularity and appeal with consumers determining what they prefer in their choice of products

Reduced purge in meat benefits everyone

Purge reduction is beneficial because it preserves the quality of processed meats, which will be preferred by consumers.

Adopt the clean label megatrend

Consumer preferences may be ever evolving, but the clean label trend is here to stay. Discover more about what drives consumer choices towards products based on transparency.

5 ways to turn bacon into a better business

Here are 5 relevant techniques explaining how you can make bacon even more delicious for consumers and more convenient and cost-effective for you as a bacon producer.

5 ways to improve the formulation of your meatballs

The 5 improvement points presented here uses ScanPro™ 1015 – a powdered functional pork protein ideal for meat replacement in e.g. meatballs.

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