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Adopt the clean label trend

Consumer preferences may be ever evolving, but the clean label trend is here to stay. Discover more about what drives consumer choices towards products based on transparency.
Clean Label Megatrend 800X600
Clean Label Megatrend 800X600

The reality of the persistent yet evolving consumer preference for clean products.

Clean label has been one of the biggest trends to hit the food industry in recent years. It comes with the need for consumers to know what they are eating, and that it is good for their wellbeing.

This fact has not prevented the clean label trend from evolving, as preferences have continued to change with the increase of knowledge and awareness.

The clean-eating movement

Consumers formerly showed preference for fat-free, sugar-free, low-carbohydrate foods. However, later observations of shoppers showed that they deem other attributes as important i.e. foods that are organic, of 100% natural origin, high in protein, gluten-free, allergen free, and contain antioxidants.

More current trends further show that consumers want to buy locally sourced foods that are free of artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, GMOs, or antibiotics. Consumers demand pantry cupboard ingredients, with no E-numbers, or genetically enhanced produce. Clean label calls for the transparency of indicating what is NOT on the ingredients list, which gives consumers a better opportunity of making an informed choice.

Consumers want it simple

Though clean label is a modern-day phenomenon in the food industry, consumers seem unaware of its importance when used as a “label of certification”. They go for simplicity and the unpretentious stating of what is not on the list e.g. No artificial colors, No preservatives, No GMOs, No gluten, No allergens, No MSG, etc. The importance of clean label lies in the manufacturing process, where non desirable traits are to be preempted before they fail under the discerning eye of the “clean” consumer.

Clean eating is not a fad

More shoppers are looking at the back of the package to see exactly what their food consists of. The check list for what additives food should not contain constantly increases as the clean eating trend progresses. However, the popularity of food that has few recognizable, and pronounceable ingredients continues. Consumers also want to know where their food and beverages come from, so they are bound to look further into the manufacturing processes. Future projections lean towards consumers seeking knowledge not only of what they are consuming, but also of the supply chain, along with the ethics and environmental impact of production. These are factors for food and beverage manufacturers to consider if they are to stay ahead of trends.

Clean label trend in production

Food manufacturers are not ignoring the shift in global trend, nor the potential to fill the need for clean label products. Market research shows that more than a quarter of global launches of new products carry a clean label claim.

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Source: Innova Market Insights, 2020

For the future of your brand

If you are looking to clean up your brand, or to launch clean label products, Essentia Protein Solutions provide a wide range of meat-based ingredients that will suit your requirements. Whether your needs lie towards providing clean authentic flavors, natural nutritional enhancement, or the improvement of the quality of your foods, our products will help you deliver clean products that are free of artificial influence.

All Essentia ingredients are clean by nature and tie well into the desire for authentic food ingredients.

We want to provide transparency about how and where raw materials are sourced, and we do this to contribute to establishing the highest level of trust throughout this area of your supply-chain.

Essentia provides the opportunity of co-creating and innovating among experts in the food industry, in order to manufacture excellent products that consumers will appreciate. Contact us to find out how your experts can co-create with ours.