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Positioning options for soup

Many consumers regard soups as a healthy and satisfying meal replacement option. However, there has been some apprehension due to concerns over high levels of sodium and other additives that may feature on the contents list.
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Pos Soup 800X600

Soup provides numerous positioning opportunities

Soups have always played a fundamental role in kitchens worldwide, owing to their ability to comfort, nourish, and heal. They are appreciated by many consumers who view them as a healthy and satisfying meal replacement. However, concerns over high sodium content and additives pose a challenge to the enduring belief in the nutritional rejuvenating power of a hearty bowl of soup.

No additives/preservatives is the leading health claim

Consumer concerns over preservatives are motivating soup manufacturers to launch reformulated products featuring natural, organic, GMO-free ingredients that contain less salt. Additionally, premium claims of ethnic flavors, immunity boosting properties, protein rich ingredients, and vegetarian/vegan options are gaining traction.

Top Health Claims Soup
Top 5 health claims on soups launched globally from 2021 - 2022 (Innova Market Insights, 2023)

The prevailing positionings growing in popularity are:
•    a high source of protein
•    good for boosting immunity and health
•    good aids for weight management
•    lactose free
•    indulgent and premium
•    Vegetarian or vegan
•    authentic and traditional
•    good for digestive/gut health
•    low in cholesterol

Convenience is still driving growth

People are becoming more aware of the centuries-old appreciation of bone and vegetable-based broths. In modern times, soups are available in an assortment of ready-to-eat formats which have great appeal for busy consumers with hectic lifestyles and little time, experience, or desire for cooking. Consequently, the demand for convenient and ready-to-eat foods is experiencing a significant increase across the globe. 

Top Convenience Claims Soup
Top 4 convenience claims on soups launched over the last year globally (Innova Market Insights, 2023)

Soup for all occasions

There are numerous occasions when soup is just the appropriate dish. It is consumed all over the world as a nutritious lunch, an on-the-go meal replacement, a starter or even a complete meal. It is an easily digestible, balanced, and nutritious meal that fills the functional role of sating hunger and thirst. Since many nutrients are released when cooking a soup base, and due to the strong satiating effect of soup, it often makes up a substantial part of different weight management diets. There are still plenty of other opportunities for soup manufacturers to find a favorable position for their soup brand in the market.

Let authentic stocks and broth form the base of your soup product

Stocks and broths cooked from bones or meaty bones form an important part of many soups which is a practice rooted in ancient tradition. Stocks and broths are still the foundation of professional cooking as they are added to many types of soups, stews, gravies, and sauces to provide the desired base, flavor, and mouthfeel.
Picking the right stock or broth for your soup brand is essential and it can help you pursue the desired trending claims. Consumers are looking for authentic, natural, and nutritious choices. Proof of this is the true resurgence of bone broth/meat-based soups as a comfort food and for nutrition purposes. 

Chicken is the most prominent flavor

Despite some excitement around other modern and trending new flavors of food, chicken is still dominating as the most preferred flavor throughout most regions when it comes to soups.

Top Flavours Soup Across Regions
Top 5 flavors used in product launches of soups across differenct regions (Innova Market Insights, 2023)
Top Flavours Soup
Top 5 flavors used in product launches of soups across different regions (Innova Market Insights, 2023)

We have you covered

Essentia manufactures a diverse array of savory ingredients known for their exceptional taste and functional attributes. Our ProBase™ range is crafted using traditional methods, involving the cooking of natural animal-derived raw materials. The flavorful stocks and broths are available in concentrated pastes and powders, ensuring versatility and convenience. With rich organoleptic properties, they provide meaty background notes and prolonged retention time, serving as an ideal foundation for savory creations. Additionally, our ProBase™ line includes ProFlavor BF - a natural smoked ham flavor ingredient, and multi-purpose ProBase™ fats sourced from beef, pork, chicken, and lamb raw materials.

Reach out to us!

Essentia manufactures a unique selection of meat, skin, bone, blood, and insect raw materials that are used to bring the best of nature directly into your formulation. To find out more about our various solutions, or to make inquiries about co-creating with our experts, kindly reach out to a representative near you.