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Spotlight on meat replacement and extension

Meat replacement is important in the manufacture of meat products as it provides numerous value adding benefits to the finished product.
Meat Replacement 800X600
Meat Replacement 800X600

Meat manufacturers constantly search for solutions that will help them present profitable products, using the best resources available. This depends among other things on the economic opportunities that come about when replacing part of the meat with other ingredients. The meat industry continues to explore new substitutes that preserve the characteristic traits of meat, as well as maintain the quality in taste and appearance.  

Reasons for replacing meat remain 

Part of the meat content is replaced because:  

  • Adding substitutes stretches the meat further for an increased quantity of finished product
  • It helps flatten the fluctuating prices of the meat raw materials that may take a toll on the bottom-line
  • It will make processed meat products more affordable for a wider segment of consumers 

Replacing parts of the meat content with e.g., a functional protein solution has a positive side effect as it will also remove a part of the fat, making the final product a leaner and healthier choice.  

More than just a filler 

Recent times have seen the introduction of several ingredients that are believed to enhance the outlook of the meat processing industry – especially when it comes to avoiding artificial ingredients and having a more transparent supply chain.  

Soy protein has long been used to replace or extend meat in various processed meat products to reduce costs, however it is increasingly falling out of favor due to worries over GMOs and allergens. Many food producers have started phasing out soy due to environmental issues related to long transportation distances and deforestation. 

It could therefore be understood that the best replacement for use in meat processes is meat itself - or rather the parts of meat that are not known for their commercial viability on their own. This not only guarantees authenticity, but also allows the manufacturer to make claims of meat ratio, legitimacy, and sustainability. 

Adding meat-based proteins as a substitute for lean meat provides several functional properties that add positively to the eating experience and appearance of the final meat product. Meat replacement with meat-based proteins is not just a question of finding an acceptable filler, it is all about adding an ingredient that will provide similar characteristics to lean meat when it comes to the content of moisture, collagen, and protein.  

The analytical value of animal proteins in hydration is very similar to meat when replacing 5-10 % of the meat within the ratio 1:3. For more information about meat replacement and the analytical values please contact us at . 

Consumers opt for clean label options 

There are many reasons for pursuing natural, clean label animal-based ingredients when replacing or extending meat. First and foremost, mindful consumers want to be able to make informed choices when deciding which label to take home. They are looking for ingredients they can recognize and understand and are increasingly conscious about selecting products that have been minimally processed.  

Functional meat proteins: Advantages and claims 

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Essentia understands the challenges 

Using animal-based ingredients as meat replacement is the simplest solution for manufacturers to achieve clean label status. They are taste neutral, so can be added to most meats without affecting flavor. 

At our Innovation Centers, we constantly work on improving solutions that help meat processors maintain their market position. 

We are focusing on three key factors: 

  1. Reducing the amount of meat while still maintaining the quality and organoleptic properties
  2. Maintaining or reducing the price per kilogram produced
  3. Preserving analytical and informative labelling on back of pack 

It is important to note that some of the functional protein solutions under our ScanPro™ range can be used as part of the meat content according to guidelines from CLITRAVI. For more information about this please contact us at 

To gain a deeper understanding about the opportunities and downfalls of meat replacement watch protein expert Carsten Doktor as he provides an analysis of meat replacement in application. 

Essentia also offers manufactures a wide range of functional ingredients that offer cost-effective meat replacement solutions for all kinds of meat products. Learn more by contacting a representative near you.