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Healthy aging: Holding on to vitality

With age comes wisdom and experience. Let’s help consumers celebrate the journey with our healthy aging solutions. Explore the benefits of preventative nutrition, collagen for several aspects of health. Let consumers embrace healthier lifestyles, one delicious bite at a time.

Healthy Ageing 2024 800X600
Healthy Ageing 2024 800X600

The clock stops for no one

Aging is embraced in many cultures as it comes with so many perks. The benefits of wisdom, knowledge and having had the opportunity of acquiring so much social and physical experience. Aging gracefully is celebrated as just another part of one’s solo evolutionary trip – or at least it should be.

Old age and longevity

Seniors, typically defined as individuals at or above retirement age, encompass a wide age range, including those over 60 and at times under. The aging of populations in developed nations stems from longer life expectancies among individuals. Presently, seniors outnumber teenagers and are projected to represent a significant portion of the population in the future.

Infographic Healthy Ageing Increase Seniors
Source: World Health Organization, 2022

Aging is a multifactored process and there are no magic solutions in foods or diet, but good nutrition can assist the population in aging well.

Nutrition in a constantly shifting world

In our ever-evolving world, the way we approach healthy eating has undergone a significant transformation. With the rise of modern lifestyles, our time spent in the kitchen has dwindled, leading to a greater reliance on convenient food options. Fortunately, advancements in food technology have made it possible to produce nutritious products on a large scale at affordable prices. 

From chilled and frozen prepared meals to instant sauces and snacks, consumers now have access to a wide array of convenient yet satisfying choices. These products often boast added vitamins, minerals, and functional ingredients aimed at addressing various health concerns, catering to diverse population groups such as active individuals, those managing chronic conditions, and busy parents striving for family wellness. 

As the demand for convenient, nutritious, and delicious food grows, the food industry must respond with innovative solutions that meet these evolving needs. This calls for ongoing research and development, as well as the exploration of functional ingredients, recipe reformulations, and advanced processing techniques. Through these efforts, we can ensure a future where healthy eating is not only accessible but also enjoyable for all.

Preventative nutrition

The concept of preventative nutrition focuses on fending off problems in body and health as opposed to trying to repair them after a need arises. Prioritizing prevention is number 3 in global trends. More than 1 in 3 consumers claim to be proactive in preventing health issues. There is a belief that eating real food makes them feel good inside and out. The top concerns in health and choice of nutrition:

Consumer surveys reveal trend of relating nutrition to physical health

Infographic Health Ageing Major Concerns
Source: Innova Trends Survey 2024 and Innova Health & Nutrition Survey 2023

The role of collagen in bone and joint health 

In the quest for healthy aging, the focus on mobility and independence is paramount. Active lifestyles are often seen as key to maintaining overall fitness, health, and social engagement. Collagen peptides emerge as pivotal players in this narrative, offering solutions to age-related health concerns such as joint, muscle, and bone issues. It is a common belief that specific collagen peptides help with fortifying bones, and enhance joint health. Moreover, consumers also believe they help combat age-related muscle weakness and loss, while also contributing to skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and cellulite treatment. It is safe to say, many trust collagen's multifaceted benefits therefore underscoring its significance in promoting holistic well-being as individuals navigate the journey of aging gracefully.

Infographic Healthy Ageing Protein Collagen
Source: Innova Market Insights

Healthy snacking: convenience and indulgence

As the demand for healthier options grows, there is a noticeable shift towards healthy snacks that marry convenience with indulgence. Post-pandemic, consumers are still prioritizing their health and maintaining healthier eating habits. They not only want a nutritional boost but expect snacking to remain an “important eating occasion too.” Preserving the shape, texture and integrity of today’s snacks relies on using the right ingredients and applicational knowledge, which comes at a cost; consumers are willing to pay more for a “healthy indulgence” experience that is also thus perceived as being guilt-free.

Embracing a healthier lifestyle is a shared endeavor, with 55% of consumers of all ages recognizing food and beverages as vital tools for wellness enhancement. An additional one-third remain open-minded, while only 14% hold reservations. Across generations, the sentiment is palpable, with over half of Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X, as well as nearly half of Boomers, concurring. These insights illuminate the growing awareness and commitment to harnessing the nutritional potential of what we consume. (Source: Innova Market insights Global Survey 2023).

Infogr Healthy Age Graph Concerns
Source: Innova Trends Survey 2024

Turning our gaze to the far east for inspiration

More than 1 in 10 people in Japan are now aged 80 or above & 29.1 % of Japan's total population is aged 65 or older

Healthy indulgence is one way to go

Japan leads the charge in promoting the concept of a "healthy lifespan," emphasizing the importance of not only living longer but also remaining happy, active, and self-sufficient in old age. This approach is gaining traction globally, with countries like France focusing on the link between nutrition and aging, and the UK planning to raise the State Pension age. Meanwhile, countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are addressing the challenge of maintaining appetizing food options for their elderly populations. Japan faces a significant aging population, with projections indicating that by 2040, over a third of its population will be aged over 65. As people age, their enjoyment of food tends to decline due to factors like decreased taste sensitivity and oral health issues. Umami, the savory taste, holds promise in enhancing seniors' dining experiences by stimulating saliva production, increasing appetite, and improving overall nutrition. Efforts by several companies aim to leverage umami to enhance seniors' quality of life.

Infographic Health Ageing Umami Facts
Source: Innova Market Insights.

The food and beverage industry faces diverse challenges due to an aging and growing population. Specialty food ingredients play a crucial role in addressing these challenges, offering solutions for sustainability, public health, and individual dietary needs. These ingredients serve various functions, from preservation to enhancing texture and color, while also adding health benefits to everyday products. Continued emphasis on science-driven innovation is essential to meet present and future challenges, utilizing both micro and macro ingredients. With ongoing advancements in nutrition science and understanding consumer preferences, the specialty food ingredient sector will persistently reformulate existing products and introduce innovative new offerings to the market.

We have you covered

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