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How sausages can stay popular with modern consumers

Real meat and authentic clean label ingredients are necessary for the manufacture of quality sausages, that withstand the scrutiny of the discerning consumer.

Trends Sausages 800X600
Trends Sausages 800X600

The humble sausage is a versatile part of a wide range of mealtimes, regardless of the time of day – whether as an important part of a cooked breakfast, as part of a stew or casserole, adorning a buttie or toad-in-the-hole, it is the taste and enjoyment that makes it a winner with consumers. The fact is sausages have become so much more than that, as they are a direct source of nutrition as an all-important source of protein.

A high meat content is of prime importance to the mindful consumer who is also looking for healthy and sustainable options while insisting on natural and clean label ingredients. This trend provides manufacturers a great deal of opportunities to explore what gives sausages premium qualities that will triumph in the face of consumer scrutiny.

What to aim for in the production of quality sausages

  • Great texture, appearance, bite, and taste are vital for consumer enjoyment
  • Consistency - a reproducible product that has even distribution within the meat fill
  • Clean label, versatile, easy to use ingredients
  • Provenance and associated animal welfare certification

There are numerous ingredients that offer the meat industry all kinds of solutions when it comes to sausages. Below is a suggested checklist to follow when it comes to choosing quality enhancing ingredients:

Table 5Ways Sausage Drinde

Essentia Protein Solutions manufactures Drinde™ which is basically meat to add into meat. It is a range of functional pork proteins made from 100 % pork rind – free from E-numbers and GMOs. It is free of all known allergens and a clean label ingredient. As Drinde™ can be used to contribute towards the pork QUID meat content subject to fat and connective tissue limits, so it is basically meat into meat. It is processed using advanced technology which concentrates the porcine protein through thermal and mechanical treatment only. Drinde™ is also applicable for the ever-growing flexitarian sausage options as it works well in combination with various plant-based proteins.

The functionality of Drinde™

When Drinde™ mixes with water under heating, the collagen protein unfolds. When cooled down, the collagen refolds into a three-dimensional structure which allows the collagen to bind water in the same way the meat proteins work in products. When added to meat products, this specific ability therefore adds to the texture and bite and reduces cook loss.

Technical care and after sales support

At Essentia, we pride ourselves in the technical, legal and recipe support we provide. We offer assistance and advice at every step of the process to help our customers realize their objectives. Please contact our UK office with any queries

Got inspired to try it in your sausage?

Find more inspiration in our ingredient section or contact our innovations specialist for a chat about your application


Authentic functional pork-derived protein solution for improved functionality and profitability in processed meat products.

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