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The importance of yield in meat processing

The importance of yield in meat processing

Making resources stretch further

The viability of most meat processing businesses depends on how profitable their produce is, making the question of the bottom-line unavoidable. With the increase in the price of raw materials, it has become essential in this current economic climate, to come up with solutions that can mitigate some of the pinch that is being felt throughout the world.

Achieving more is based on how far raw materials can be stretched, so enhancing yield directly relates to profits. With consumers demanding quality as well as affordability, it has become necessary for manufacturers to find reliable ingredient solutions that work for them by optimizing the recipes and production processes for better business.

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Functional protein solutions are meat-derived ingredients that can contribute to the profitability of the industry as a whole.

Getting the most out of raw materials

Techniques to optimize yield

  • Meat extension - overall volume increase due to the interaction of the added protein and water in injection, tumblers, bowl choppers, mixers, etc. resulting in more product.
  • Meat replacement – take away some of the costly meat and replace it with a more economical alternative without compromising on quality.
  • Purge reduction – lower cooking loss and drip loss for the delivery of juicy meat cuts that are presentable in weight and appearance, therefore more enticing to the consumers and leading to better sales. Decreased water activity also means less bacterial action.
  • Improved slicing yield – producing more, even, and better-looking slices with less crumbling loss during carving increases the amount of end product.

For greater insights and practical knowledge on yield and meat replacement, and to find out how functional protein solutions can work towards your bottom line, watch protein expert Carsten Doktor as he provides some detail with regards to overcoming meat processing challenges.

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Expert talk on meat replacement

Understand the challenge on how to use meat replacement to optimize your products and keep the cost for meat applications down.

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Meat replacement is important in the manufacture of meat products as it provides numerous value adding benefits to the finished product.

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