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5 ways to improve every detail of a burger

Tab into each element on how clean label ingredients can improve every detail of a burger – enjoy!
Burger 800X600
Burger 800X600
Imagine the perfect burger, right in front of you. Think of a rich but soft textured lightly toasted bun, then a perfectly shaped patty that has a good consistency and tastes delicious. Consider covering it with soft melted cheese and adding thinly sliced crispy bacon. Finally, top it all off with a full-flavored umami rich condiment that brings it all together in a unique tasting experience.
Each element in a burger should be made with care and consideration, and we will tap into each one to show you how adding clean label ingredients can help improve the appearance and eating experience of a burger. Enjoy!


1. Juicy and perfectly shaped patty

The burger patty is the foundation of a burger, and there are key characteristics expected in a patty.

Through the use of functional proteins, such as ScanPro™ Beef 95, you can provide the necessary cohesiveness which ensures a uniform, even shape of the patty. This enables meat processors to run large-scale productions, while maintaining the firm structure and bite of the patties.

Another option could be to add the functional blend, ExcelPro™ Plus BA 40, beef protein, combined with sodium alginate. It has proven abilities in functioning as a meat extender, as it allows you to add 10-15% to your recipe for improved cost-in-use without compromising on the overall quality. Furthermore, the ExcelPro™ Plus BA 40 is heat-stable, making sure that the patty will maintain its structure during frying.

If you are looking for traditional meat-replacement options, consider using ScanPro™ Beef 1100, made of 100 % beef raw materials. It is low in collagen and has excellent water-binding capabilities.

Color and appearance of the patty are crucial, and when using the micro-granulated meat pigment AProRed™, it is possible to stabilize and maintain a natural meat color in ground meat.

2. Soft and delicious cheese

In the perfect burger, the patty must be covered with soft, melted cheese. Partly replacing key milk proteins, such as sodium caseinate, with EmulPro™ enables you to manufacture cost-effective cheese analogues without compromizing on quality, appearance, or organoleptic properties.

EmulPro™ is a functional ingredient - with excellent gelatin-like properties - that allows you to lower expenses and still preserve the preferred attributes of real cheese. It presents properties such as firmness, texture, adhesiveness and a creamy mouthfeel, providing the desired characteristics of a creamy burger cheese.

3. Perfectly sliced bacon

Thin sliced bacon ensures a crispy bite, however, creating sufficiently thin slices can be difficult. A solution could be to inject ScanPro™ HI Premium that provides a firm and cohesive structure. This will improve the sliceability considerably and allow you to create thin and uniform bacon slices. For you as a meat processor, this means a better utilization of raw materials. In other words – this enhances the pleasure for the consumer and the benefit for the meat processors.

4. Tasty condiments

Delicious condiments such as ketchup and barbecue sauces are indispensable components in a burger. They represent all taste modalities – sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami. Probase stocks are a natural building block in creating delicious flavors in creamy seasonings and BBQ marinades.

5. The perfect, round bun bringing it all together

Burger buns must be soft-textured, and the well-known brioche bun is a classic in the world of burgers. Consider using ProBase™ pork fat in your brioche bun instead of butter or oil. It represents an ideal alternative, as it enhances the color and provides a desirable taste, while giving the same properties according to process and firmness of breadcrumb.

Bon Appetite!